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Productname: High performance film cutting machine
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Manufacturer: Fuji Corporation Iron Works

        The company of past cutting machine of high speed, broad with various problems (such as slip injury, wrinkles, pimples, of the leaves roll, cut surface, such as irregular) according to rely on own experience and technology seek object product quality maintained. To enable high performance film equipment with high accuracy, the company from the mechanical and electrical design to important parts processing, assembly, adjustment precision and equipment test run so far, the formation of a dedicated to improve the quality of the products of a set of internal management system.

        Founded in 1954, Fuji iron works, in the city of Osaka began the manufacture and sale of fiber machine. 1964 began selling film surface automatic machine, in 1967 began selling plastic film center driven automatic winding machine, officially entered the plastic film market. With the continuous development and growth of enterprises, is mainly engaged in high-performance optical films, general packaging films, and a variety of film automatic winding machine, cutting machine, etc.. And there are a lot of loyal users in china.