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Productname: NIKKA scraper刮刀
Category:Accessories Supplies

Brand: Nikka


Manufacturer: Nika Corporation

The use of high performance scraper to gravure printing

Ink tone -- - stable determination of scraping ink.
The use of life -- the extension of roll using high purity steel, reduce the blade pressure.
The tip of the life is long, affordable.
Category (standard)
Width = 60mm, 50mm, 40mm, 30mm,
Raw material thickness = 0.15mm, 0.2mm
If there are special specifications can be consulted in advance to the company.

The plastic scraper
Can be used for printing, coating, composite, painting equipment, etc.. In order to reduce the printing roller wear, as well as caused by using a metal scraper many problems. After numerous substrates trial, repeated on strength, thickness, hardness, shape and cost of exploration and development of products.
The ceramic blade
Is a new product developed by Japanese NIKKA company. Especially in solid color printing, continuous work or water-based ink printing, ceramic scraper can play a better effect than the ordinary metal scraper.