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Productname: MT Aucan dispersant
Category:Paper Making Additives Water Treatment Additives&E

Brand´╝Ü MT AquaPolymer


Manufacturer: MT aucan polymer Co.


Product characteristics

ACCOPEARL is economical, easy to use, and promotes the properties of fiber extension, dispersion, uniformity and so on.

The dissolution method

Dissolve the product in the concentration of 0.1-0.05%, and make it in the dissolving tank for 1-2 hours.

ACCOPEARL put into use, if you can use a dedicated dispenser, can not stay in a group like to open.

After dissolving the solution and further in the dilution tank to add 10-50 times of water, the diluted solution can be sent to the net box paper.

However, it must be installed at the outlet of the dilution tank 60-80 net purpose filter, in order to prevent the impact of not fully dissolved group of the impact of paper.

Can be used at the temperature of 50 degrees celsius. But when the water temperature is too high, the viscosity will be affected.

The application of the product

ACCOPEARL is suitable for round net and short net paper machine toilet paper, tissue paper, kraft paper tissue paper.

Relative to the size of the slurry, its dosage is 0.05-0.2%.

The preservation of product

In the case of Kaifeng, the bag can be guaranteed within two years after the manufacture.

In Kaifeng, please try to be kept in dry place. If it is wet and makes it produce a mass, but also just affect its solubility.

The shape of the packaging

Paper bag packaging, specifications: 1KG*10/ bag